HotSchedules: Online Restaurant Employee Scheduling Software

HotSchedules offers a single platform for staff scheduling and Workforce management. This fully functional web-based scheduling system is the best solution for shift management, communication, time and labor costs management. A simple step by step instructions and guidelines for this application are available online.

HotSchedules offers monthly subscription at low rates with latest product upgrades, online training and a complete knowledgebase. Moreover, password protected accounts are accessible via web or phone service.


HotSchedules is offering five different kinds of products depending on the size and need of business.

1.    HotSchedules Team Edition

It is a customized restaurant scheduling application designed to manage employee scheduling and communication while at the same time taking care of labor costs and employee performances.

HotSchedules Team Edition enables managers to make better decisions regarding labor costs, forecasting budget and planning labor. Furthermore, it helps in generating in depth reports for analyzing labor performances. With the help of 24/7 access to schedules, both employee and managers can update schedules, trade schedules and request time offs.

  1. HotSchedules Workforce

HotShedules Workforce is a powerful supplemental Workforce Management web based application customized for restaurants operators. This application helps in reducing labor costs while increasing performance.

HotSchedules Workforce Application is well integrated with Payroll and time control system. This cost effective and trouble free application can easily manage complex scheduling issues. It helps managers to create schedules and generate built-in reports and advance reports for cost savings, shifts charts, labor Performances and Labor Forecasting. All these features are synchronized with Payroll and time control.

  1. 3.    HotSchedules Enterprise

HotSchedules Enterprise is a web-based restaurant scheduling application for restaurants and small businesses having multiple locations. This application provides real time POS integration, and up-to-date information sharing knowledgebase across all the branches. This secure and dependable web-based application allows forecasting labor costs and generates prompt reports.

4.    HotSchedules Digital Logbook

HotSchedules Digital Logbook is a user friendly powerful application. This application is capable of archiving search, monitoring, managing events, creating customized shifts. This application is good in collecting, searching and keeping account of critical documents and chats.

  1. 5.    HotSchedules iSchedule

This mobile device application is ideal for fast and secure access to schedules, reports and other up-to-date information related to workforce management. Application is user friendly and convenient to use for browsing, monitoring, and updating schedules on mobile devices such as iPhone and Blackberry.


A detailed list of HotSchedules Application features includes:

  • 24/7 Support center
  • Approve/Reject Shifts
  • Digital Logbook
  • Request Time off
  • Up-to-date Scheduler features
  • Templates
  • Forecasting
  • Auto-schedule
  • Statistics management
  • Certification feature
  • Chat support
  • Full POS integration
  • Budget Forecasting
  • Above-store reporting
  • Corporate, regional and admin levels
  • Meal period planning

Industries and Clients:

HotSchedules is specifically developed for restaurant industry. Its list of clients includes Jamba juice, Claim Jumper Restaurant, JB’s Restaurants, OUTBACK Steak house and UCHI.


A detailed list of product pricing is available for every kind of business and restaurant operators according to their needs.


HotSchedules provides support services to their clients five days a week (Mon to Friday) from 7:00am to 7:00pm.